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Topup via PayPal

By: peter | 19-04-2010 22:55


There was the problem with the topups and it has made me think, why not introduce Topups by PayPal?

What do you think?

Kudos if you like.



by: searc34
on: 01-05-2020 20:10

do it guys, its a must have

by: jesi23
on: 02-05-2020 13:42

They HAVE! This idea has been implemented. PayPal has been available several years now!

by: cnewsam
on: 29-04-2020 16:07

Sounds good

by: dsselby
on: 27-04-2020 18:23

goog idea

by: mewgrumpy36
on: 25-04-2020 03:36

Not a bad idea.

Most people use PayPal. And it would simplify things for some people.


by: jesi23
on: 25-04-2020 04:23

This idea HAS been implemented. And it has simplified things for me.

by: amdun87
on: 23-04-2020 13:11

I'm trying to pay via paypal, my account has been set up but it's not taking payments

by: alant51040
on: 23-04-2020 11:25

I realise paypal charge a great deal for their services but this is a good idea, maybe there would need to be a small surcharge for this service to cover the paypal costs

by: jesi23
on: 23-04-2020 12:24

It has been implemented, without a specific charge being passed on to the members for taking advantage of the service! ………… I regularly take advantage of this, and, since my Payback is paid into PayPal, it is there ready to fund my giffgaff habit!

by: muddycalhoun
on: 23-04-2020 09:46

excellent suggestion and great support, and a good improvement.

by: iamtroyhudson
on: 22-04-2020 23:49

Hurry up lol

by: jesi23
on: 23-04-2020 12:20

It actually HAS been implemented, so no need for hurry!

by: chostybist
on: 20-04-2020 11:06


by: bevwh62
on: 18-04-2020 14:30

yes please do it

by: bertiebat
on: 18-04-2020 18:38

It has been done years ago. Hence the implemented status.