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Topup via PayPal

By: peter | 19-04-2010 22:55


There was the problem with the topups and it has made me think, why not introduce Topups by PayPal?

What do you think?

Kudos if you like.



by: peugeotmills
on: 03-11-2016 07:53
yes please get this in motion it is the perfect idea for the modern age.
by: dankanka
on: 03-10-2017 09:57


by: adamtheant
on: 18-03-2018 23:29

most definitely

by: anthony1399
on: 26-04-2018 00:24

????. Mmmm

by: anthony1399
on: 26-04-2018 00:24

????. Mmmm

by: spikey92000
on: 10-05-2018 17:54

Yes indeed, but with modern cashless payments, why not include all mediums to make payments?

by: catherinemifsud
on: 24-07-2018 18:33

Great idea

by: 1974shazzla
on: 04-12-2018 10:30

yes please

by: xxx2016
on: 12-01-2020 01:10


by: bertiebat
on: 28-06-2020 03:09

For those continuing to post a reply here the idea was implemented years ago and works well.

by: o_rabbit_o
on: 03-06-2015 07:46
Great idea would be handy for alot of people.
by: adamtheant
on: 18-03-2018 23:29

It would defo

by: maisiegriffo3711
on: 03-08-2018 09:43


by: bertiebat
on: 28-06-2020 03:10

It's been implemented ages ago.

by: thepapillonaire
on: 31-08-2020 17:29

It's been implemented years ago but it's still not working, at least not for me

by: bertiebat
on: 11-10-2020 18:33

@thepapillonaire if you are having problems with using paypal then please raise a help request. I've been using paypal to buy goodybags and credit for years now. I think there might still be a problem with activations but normal payments work just fine and I've never had a problem.

by: hannahmag17
on: 20-03-2018 08:05

yes ... so much easier !!

by: blue1212
on: 09-05-2018 13:26

Yes it's simply the best way to pay

by: bertiebat
on: 28-06-2020 03:11

It's been implemented years ago. Nobody seems to bother reading the current status or having a clue on the payments process?

by: iguana09
on: 26-02-2018 01:39

Wcze?niejszemoje op?aty, w wi?kszo?ci przez PayPal, to ?wietny pomys?. Jestem tak!

by: ev4n587
on: 13-01-2021 09:48

Great idea!

by: mayab51
on: 11-01-2021 10:33

absolutely brilliant idea ????

by: wg69282
on: 21-11-2020 15:53

amazing idea

by: bendi32
on: 10-11-2020 13:52

this would be so much quicker and easier

by: dennisbowen
on: 08-11-2020 16:14


by: danew36
on: 08-11-2020 16:05