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Use DPD to deliver phones

By: cim | 13-12-2013 15:04

I and others have received deliveries from DPD recently and frankly been blown away by the outstanding live tracking facility they offer.

The delivery van can be live tracked on a street map, the delivery time seems to be quite accurately predicted (on my experience anyway), it is updated regularly, you can see how many drops are due before yours will arrive, plus you can reschedule for another day quite late in the process if you find you need to make last minute change of plans.

This thread by @wbbuttercup http://community.giffgaff.com/t5/Social-Off-Topic/Very-Impressed-with-DPD/td-p/11023577 has various comments about DPD which generally reflect my experiences.

The service is called Predict: Follow My Parcel - here's a DPD web page link with a video covering the innovative features. Update - DPD now has an app to track deliveries

The biggest advantage here to phone buyers would be saving time i.e. narrow down - ultimately to a 15 min delivery window and with reassurance that things are on track.

I have no commercial link with DPD, just found their new tracking service to be exceptional. I know other delivery services offer live tracking but I have not seen anything half as good as this.

Obviously I am not party to gg's commercial deal with their existing carrier but if DPD can deliver a comparable priced service I thing gg customers would be very happy.

What do you think?

Update May 2015:

In 2014, MoneySavingExpert polled thousands of people to find the UK's best and worst delivery services. DPD was rated best. UKMail was rated one of the worse couriers with the following votes:

DPD (4034 votes)
Great 2668 votes (66%)
OK 856 votes (21%)
Poor 510 votes (13%)

UK Mail (1988 votes)
Great 529 votes (27%)
OK 896 votes (45%)
Poor 563 votes (28%)

Update December 2015

In December 2015, MoneySavingExpert polled again and as of 17.12.2015 DPD has improved their stats from last year slightly and UKMail has got worse.

Update, This idea, posted in DECEMBER 2013 still makes sense.

In January 2017 MSE polled again and nothing much has changed.


by: zoet2015
on: 19-10-2017 17:17

good idea

by: gloriousiam
on: 18-10-2017 09:16


by: gerrinott
on: 03-10-2017 09:18


by: kevinglew
on: 30-09-2017 12:34

DPD are head and shoulders above the other courier services I've had to deal with. Great Idea

by: thegodfather
on: 29-09-2017 11:33

Good Idea

by: alrmoras
on: 28-09-2017 15:03

Can I just say that as someone regularly using courier services that DPD is by far and away the best courier I have ever used with Fedex UK being pretty good as well.

by: gordon_dent
on: 27-09-2017 16:50

I prefer delivery by Royal Mail. I'm out at work from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm, so couriers like DPD are of no use to me at all as I never receive the deliveries (I don't want things left with my neighbours). If a package is sent by Royal Mail at least I can go to the sorting office on Saturday morning and pick it up. If couriers are used they should be ones with defined local collection points, i.e. convenience stores to which the package can be delivered for collection when the recipient gets home.

by: jaycee113
on: 19-10-2017 18:24

I find Yodel to be quite useful for such deliveries Gordon. Once I have their tracking number I can arrange to collect my parcel from their depot rather than having it delivered to my home.

by: jmoore261197
on: 27-09-2017 14:55

good idea

by: vygintta5
on: 21-09-2017 13:21


by: adrianbroughb
on: 18-09-2017 13:47

Live in Rural area and run business. DPD and Fedex are best common carriers by far. Some others are REALY bad.