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Giffgaff Christmas party in a different region each year

By: kathleen414 | 28-11-2013 21:11

Hi everyone as I see the giffgaff party has been announced and its in london and I believe it was in london last year .
As a country wide community I think the christmas party should be held each year in a different city .

I would imagine there would be a large amount of members who actively take part in the community who would love to be a part of the party but for one reason or another cannot make a very long journey or fund it either .
I think giffgaff should bring the party to the people who make giffgaff tick and let us meet the giffgaff team and likewise let the team meet us

the community is bigger than ever before so 'regional' events would have enough support where they didn't in the past...

and to make sure people who say there attending we have a nominal fee to book your place say £5 refundable after the event or donated to gg charity to avoid any administrative burden of issuing refunds. also non refundable in the event of cancellation and fees donated to the gg charity
This would give giffgaff the knowledge that the event would be a success and a full house

i posted this idea in contribute to gain opinions link provided


Thank you to all the members who put there thoughts and ideas into my original post i have brought there great thoughts into this full idea


by: adamtheant
on: 29-04-2018 10:01

glad this as been implemented

by: kathleen414
on: 28-11-2017 13:35

Hiya everyone

LOOK our idea is in place


by: prescilla_g giffgaff Staffer
on: 03-10-2017 16:49

Hey Kathleen,

This one is long overdue but your idea has been officially implemented. Nice one.

We've already started thinking about our Christmas party for 2017. We'd love to hear your thoughts on it :)

Thanks again, sunshine. And well done again.


by: kathleen414
on: 28-11-2017 14:42

Thank you Pres but its the members who voted for this that are the winners

by: prescilla_g giffgaff Staffer
on: 28-11-2017 16:32

We're all winners indeed. That's the giffgaff way.

by: adamtheant
on: 29-04-2018 10:03


by: ijustcantdoit
on: 29-09-2017 18:02

Cool why not spread the festive joy

by: sanjitwwe
on: 04-09-2016 03:31

Good idea help to connect members and helpers everywhere.