How it works.

Like most things with giffgaff the idea behind Labs is rather deceptively simple: members (like your fine self) submit ideas that they would like to see giffgaff implement and other members then vote for them. We then work to implement as many of the popular ideas as we can. Simple.

What kinds of ideas can you submit? Well, inspiration can strike at any point. You might experience something with us that makes you think, "Why isn't this done this other way?" or read something elsewhere and think, "Why doesn't this exist on giffgaff?" We call this 'Minding the Gap' and something wonderful happens - you get a great giffgaff Idea.

You're not alone in this. In fact we have over 10,000 Ideas submitted so far - with over 500 of them turned into a reality by giffgaff. Chances are, if you have a Blackberry, use a goodybag or gigabag, dialled your Voicemail number, performed a SIM swap or ordered a nano SIM - you are using a feature that only exists because our members thought of it. That'll be why we're the 'the mobile network run by you'. No idea is too big or too small to be suggested.

Next. You might be a little worried about your first time.

Don't worry, your community is at hand and is there to encourage you. Keep these tricks in your pocket and you won't need a sonic screwdriver.  

To vote for an Idea you simply press the plus button next to the idea. Simple yet powerful. It's this number of votes which shouts to us that the Idea is something the Community want. The more votes, the better.

If you’re not a fan of an idea you can either skip to the next one or simply hit the minus button to indicate that the idea is not for you. Now, we don’t like to discourage people so your ‘Not for me’ vote won’t take anyone else’s vote away from the original total. When it comes to reviewing ideas, we can see how many people have said ‘Not for me, thanks’ so that we know if an idea divides opinions. Popular ideas can sometimes be controversial.

  • To submit an Idea, just hit the submit button at the top of the page and dive right in
  • Your title is your Idea – keep it short and punchy for maximum effect
  • The best ideas explain the ‘what’ and ‘why’ as clearly as possible. Don’t worry so much about the ‘how’ though we always do like hearing suggestions
  • To vote for an Idea is more powerful than posting the same Idea again (you can search to see if your Idea is already out there here)
  • Give a little, get a little - 'giffgaff' means mutual giving, so why don't you rummage about to find other Ideas you can support?
Here’s one we made earlier:

OK, I’ve submitted my idea. Now what?

You'll receive updates about your Idea as it goes through different statuses on its way to implementation. We've put this in a clear way for you in the chart below, though the quickest route is New Idea  Working On It  Implemented.

Now you just wait for those votes to roll in. Don’t forget to let your friends and fellow members know so feel free to share your idea and get them to support it.

What does the countdown timer on my idea mean?

We’ve found that the freshest of ideas tend to do the best. Most popular ideas pick up steam in the first few days and skyrocket from there for a few weeks. That’s why we want you to make the most of that period and the 30 day freshness counter is a little reminder to keep promoting your idea and build up some excitement. After 30 days, you can still vote on an idea and check it out on the board but it’s less likely to bubble up to the surface of the Browse page and if the members aren’t keen on it in that period, it’s less likely to get implemented.

I’ve spotted a duplicate idea.

Nice one, eagle eyes. You can let us know about duplicate ideas so that we can merge them with an existing idea and keep the clutter down by hitting the déjà vu button. That’s the green one with a cat on it. You’ll find her in the top right corner of every idea:

Onward to giffgaff fame and glory

But wait, there's more. Consider the following benefits of submitting an idea.

  • An implemented idea with giffgaff looks mighty fine on your CV. (For instance SIM swap has so far helped over 50,000 members.)
  • Some of our members behind Implemented Ideas have changed the way 100,000s use their mobile. Including maybe your dentist. To know you've had that impact on people. That's huge. 
  • Knowledge is Power, and along with taking part in the Ideas Board, you get to level up and learn about how different areas of the company run - what are you interested in? Marketing? Developing? Community?